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Real Estate Sales During COVID-19

Times are constantly changing during this current pandemic. People are continuing to see and spend time with the people they work with and care about, but right now all of these meetings are being done through virtual settings. During the past couple of weeks in real estate we have been updating the processes we use to stay fully functioning and available for our clients. The process of homeownership, an essential part of life, is continuing with the use of technology.

Many aspects of our lives have changed because of the need for social distance and shelter-in-place orders. Below we have featured a couple of ways the process has changed currently that are beneficial for your home search.

1. Virtual Meetings – Previously most individuals would meet face-to-face with real estate agents and lenders, now you are able to have the same meetings through video chat. All aspects of the buying/selling process can be discussed through virtual meetings. This way your home sale or buying process can continue.

2. Virtual Showings – The National Association of Realtors (NAR), states that the Internet is in the top three information sources buyers will use during their home buying process. Whenever you are ready to take the next step your agent can send you all the information you may need as well as schedule a virtual showings. This way you can still view the homes you are interested in and keeps the process safe for you, your family and the sellers.

3. Electronic Signing – In some states this information and process may vary but most are able to send and sign all of your lending and real estate documents through electronic signing. This also helps in keeping the process organized and confidential.

4. Payments & Money Transfers – Depending on your location and bank provider most areas will allow you to wire the funds needed to the appropriate resources. Some banks and lenders are additionally allowing you to pay with a credit card from your computer at home. There are also businesses using pickup/dropoff services for checks.

5. Closing Process – Many notaries and attorneys are doing everything than can to continue the closing process. In some states, individuals are personally bringing documents to client homes to ensure safety. Other areas are allowing a “drive-in” style option that will allow you to be present with your attorney while using proper social distancing techniques.

Many of these steps are becoming more common during everyday real estate transactions. To discuss the regulations and options in the Hilton Head and Bluffton area contact us today. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your home buying/selling process continues.


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