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Risks of making a lowball offer when purchasing a home on Hilton Head

Everybody wants a bargain. A few years ago there was so much inventory on Hilton Head Island that a buyer could make a low offer and still get a counter back. I recently had an agent present an offer to one of my sellers for only 89% of the listing price in an area where the average closing price is 95-96% of list price. This backfired on the potential buyer as the seller wouldn’t even respond. They were insulted that someone would offer such a low price.

As a realtor, it is easy for me to compare the listing price to other similar homes in the area. If the listing price is reasonable, I always encourage to do a first offer where the seller will counter. I would rather present a reasonable first offer than not being able to negotiate at all. Most properties in our area sell for somewhere close to their market value. Thats why you need to find the perfect home or condo for you with a list price within your affordability range. Then let your Realtor negotiate the best price.

If you go into the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton market with the idea of finding a bargain,  you risk overlooking those homes that might otherwise be great opportunities for you. Why? Because your price expectations will probably be a lot lower than the actual market prices.

The good news is that we can help find a home that’s perfect for you in every way: type, features, location — and price.

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