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Saltmarshes around Hilton Head Island

The Hilton Head and surrounding areas have miles of salt marshes singing with life from the daily steady ebb and flow of ocean tides to the wildlife that occupies the marsh. Ospreys and terns find their meals in the shallow water. Herons and ibises silently watch for a meal of fiddler crabs and other snacks. Tasty blue crabs wander about while the oysters pile on to the banks.

The colors of the grasses change with the seasons. A first time visitor will notice the tall yellow and green grasses that dominate the landscape. Spartina is one of the only plants that grow in salt water. Therefore it is seen throughout the marshes and is anchored by a strong root system. The plants, narrow tough blades withstand sunshine and daily exposure to salt water. This rich and protected environment attracts blue crabs and egg-laying shrimp. Clams burrow in the soft pluff mud.

If you like nature then you will love living in a home where your views are ever-changing and nature is right outside your door.

Check out 38 Compass Point with direct views of the marsh and the ability to kayak to Broad Creek.


Kayaking on the Marsh

 Birds in Nature in Hilton Head

View of Marsh From 38 Compass Point  Palmetto Bluff Marsh Views

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