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Why you need an Experienced Realtor:

Why you need an Experienced Realtor:

When you hire a real estate agent and pay them a commission, you’re not just compensating them for the time and effort they put into just one transaction — you’re benefiting from their education, connections, resources, knowledge, and expertise.

Every one of those takes years to develop.

What are some of the values an experienced realtor brings? Besides numerous other tasks, Here are Five: And know this: The Beth Drake team does these items daily.

1) Realtors have deep knowledge. An experienced agent knows everything about the local market, including pricing trends, neighborhoods, and what clients seek. This helps a buyer or seller make informed decisions.

2) Realtors negotiate. An experienced agent has honed these skills over many, many transactions. The Beth Drake team has closed over 700 transactions. Good negotiating skills help clients get the best price for their property — and keep them from overpaying for the next one.

3) Realtors network. Agents have trusted resources — from home inspectors, attorneys, mortgage lenders and numerous various contractors. These special relationships can speed up processes or uncover opportunities you may never have found.

4) Realtors know the fine print. Real estate transactions involve a lot of legal paperwork. An experienced agent will help you navigate and explain the various contracts, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

5) Realtors solve problems. Every transaction has its challenges. However, an experienced agent has encountered and overcome many hurdles and can use past experience to address any issues that may arise.

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